The purpose of Good News Network is to share Jesus Christ with the world. We wish to acquaint those who do not know him and to encourage and help to grow those who already are disciples of His. We are anxious to answer Bible questions and to offer spiritual assistance to all who may request such help.

We respect anonymity and will never pursue those who may send questions. Searchers may reveal who or where they are if they choose and may request personal contact. However, there will be no contacts that are not requested.

Those who provide Good News Network are caring members and faithful congregations of the Churches of Christ. We encourage listeners to find a congregation of the church of Christ in your community and worship there. If listeners are unaware of where a church meets near them, we are pleased to search for one when asked.

Our programming includes no requests for listeners to give or send money. There are expenses connected with broadcasting, but we want the listeners to hear the Gospel freely.

There may be other things one would like to know about this effort. Feel free to send any inquiries by e-mail to this site.

[email protected]