October 24, 2016

One of the most basic questions on the mind of mankind is the issue of origin.  Clearly, the Bible says man was created by God Almighty.  Genesis chapters 1-3 discuss the matter of creation.  Therein, is included the information as to man’s origin.  However, many questions remain, even among those who believe in creation.

Volumes have been written on the subject of the origin of man.  Long and publicised debates have drawn large audiences and have remained the subject of other debates for generations.  The matter is not fully settled in the mind of so many.  Every generation of youths are challenged to settle the matter.  Often, they are pulled between the faith handed to them from their parents and the instructions they have received at church and what they are told at school.  Some hold on to the faith while others depart and believe in evolution (the most common alternative offered).

In my opinion, we often try to make more of the creation story in Genesis than what it was ever intended to convey.  That should not be interpreted to hint that there is the least doubt on my part about the truth of the record.  What I mean is that people have tried to find the answer to the question “HOW”? when the real answer there is another arrangement of the same letters.  God did not intend in about three pages of a bible to explain all the details of how the creation occurred.  He was explaining “WHO” was involved in the creation.  It was HE who did it all.  When we try to explain in human terms what the Lord Almighty did, we will always fall short.  We will always fail.  Thus, faith is required.  (Hebrews 11:1, 6,  II Corinthians 5:7)

If the subject interests the reader, you might be wondering “from where did come?  How did we get started?  When and how this ministry began is an interesting story.  Let me give some insight.

It is our belief the began in the mind of God.  It had its physical beginning in a private home in a suburb of Dallas, TX.  In June, 1999, we began broadcasting the Gospel 24/7 worldwide on one channel.  In time, the facilities at the home were outgrown and office space was rented and other channels were added.  Several years ago, we moved into the facilities used by the Walnut Hill Church of Christ in Dallas, TX and have broadcast from there since.

The capacity to broadcast live from originating sites has been available for several years.  In the recent years, we have become able to translate English-spoken sermons into various other languages and archive them for listeners worldwide.  Every year, more and more listeners discover and become regulars.  With approximately one quarter of the world’s population using the Internet and our having all the languages, than number should only increase.

That is a brief account of whence came has come.  Where do we go from here?  That may be the subject of another issue of the newsletter.  Keep reading.

W. E. (Willie) Hamblen

[email protected]

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